Flowserve pump repair has contracted BC Engineering and Design on several occasions to measure the pump suction piping and impeller components on large diameter cooling pumps components.

The parts typically have been in service for a long period of time and have corroded mating surfaces and registers.

BC Engineering and Design engineers use a FARO® Laser Tracker X system to accurately document each section register and diameter, OD and ID for each part.

The measurements are documented in a written report for the customer so that the parts can be repaired, rebuilt, or in some cases new parts manufactured for the client.

When the impellers are received from the customer, the blade tips have been severely eroded due to cavitation over the many hours of continuous operation. The pumps no longer pump efficiently.

BC Engineering and Design is able to measure the blade tip profiles and project the data to the nominal blade diameter so that Flowserve machinists can repair the blade tips to the original diameter and return the impellers to service.

Large diameter sections and lengths are easily handled using the Laser Tracker X. The measurement distance is around 115 feet in radius. Accuracies of 0.001” or less can be achieved over the range of the Tracker. The measurements are adjusted for environmental changes.

If desired, the measurements can be imported directly into a 3D CAD system and an accurate model produced from the measurement data.