Many times engineers in industry find that they have outdated drawings or only partial information related to parts and fixtures in use on a daily basis.

They find that they need to replace or modify an existing design to meet current needs. Parts wear out and get damaged over time. One solution is to REVERSE ENGINEER the existing part.

GE Gas Turbine in Greenville, South Carolina, had a similar challenge. They wanted to replace their existing fixture with a new fixture but wanted to incorporate some modifications to the design consistent with a newer design of a slightly different fixture.

The newer fixture had quick release and replacement guides as well as locking blocks. The older design had locking pin cavities machined into the fixture. The cavities were getting worn and rework would be extensive. The solution was to redesign the older fixture with the newer features.

BC Engineering and Design engineers were contracted by GE Gas Turbine to reverse engineer and redesign the existing fixture.

Using FARO® portable CMM 10’ Platinum arm all measurements were documented and loaded into Pro/Engineer CREO® software. A 3D model was developed from which modifications could be made.

Working with the machine shop contracted to cast and machine the final part, BCED engineers were able to develop dimensional tolerances consistent with the original design. Design revisions were coordinated to deliver the final fixture.