BC Engineering and Design (BCED) has contracted with Kimberly Clark on several occasions to measure the alignment of feed and take-up rolls on the paper processing machines. Alignment of rolls is critical to maximize throughput speeds for material and to reduce waste in paper manufacturing.

When rolls are removed for maintenance placing the rolls accurately back into position and ensuring alignment with the other rolls on the machine is critical. BCED engineers use a FARO® Laser Tracker X system to align rolls to accuracies of 0.001”.

In addition, BCED engineers worked closely with Jacobs Engineering in planning motor replacement for one of KCC machines. Accurate measurements of the motor drive flange locations, building column position with respect to the motor stands and centerline of the rolls were all documented over the course of the outage to assist the Jacobs engineers in obtaining accurate data.

Our engineers have traveled throughout the Southeast United States to support KCC operations.