To develop a winning edge in any industry it is important to operate your equipment at peak performance. This is especially true in motorsport racing.

NASCAR® has evolved from some moonshine drivers having fun on a weekend into a multimillion dollar industry where peak performance is the only equation that wins races; that and a bit of luck being in the right place on the track at the right time.

Teams like Michael Waltrip Racing consistently have cars in the top ten slot for every Nationwide or Sprint Cup series race during the season.

By providing valuable precision measurement services to MWR engineers, BC Engineering and Design (BCED) has helped play a role in the success of MWR race teams. BCED engineers have been contracted to document accurate coordinate system measurements from which the MWR technicians can accurately measure the frame and body parameters of each race car setup in the shop.

If you are looking for the winning edge in your business, whether it be motorsport racing, manufacturing, or design, you can count on BC Engineering and Design engineers to provide you with accurate measurement and analysis solutions.