BC Engineering and Design (BCED) has worked with Centurum as a small, veteran-owned, subcontractor since 2003. BCED engineers have consulted on projects for SPAWAR Charleston ranging from Trident missile and attack submarines to shore communications installations.

BCED engineers were tasked to support the upgrade of the entire communications suite on the four Ohio class submarines which were converted to carry tomahawk missiles for tactical support.

BCED engineers performed portaable CMM measurement check to ensure the installation met design specifications. In addition, when equipment rack temperatures were running out of specification, BCED performed airflow and temperature monitoring of the equipment racks to identify problem areas in flow design.

Senior BCED engineers traveled to Kuwait and out to the Iraqi oil platforms in the Persian Gulf to perform a site survey of the existing structures. SPAWAR contracted with Centurum Inc to develop improved communications and living support for the US Navy and allied detachments deployed to the platforms. The detachments were operating with minimalistic communications and living on the platforms. A major upgrade was required to protect the service men and women deployed to the site.

To install a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) dome on site on the oil platforms, a unique dome base had to be designed which would house the large antenna assembly, allow for repositioning of the dish assembly for alternate satellite reception angles, yet fit on the top of the transportable shelters.

Existing base designs would not accommodate the dome size required to house the large SATCOM dish. The “real estate” on the top of the shelter would not accommodate the larger dome sizes.

BCED engineers designed, fabricated, and delivered, a unique base design that was easily assembled, transportable by truck, and could be installed efficiently at the remote location.