BC Engineering and Design LLC has provided Mechanical Engineering design, analysis, and precision measurement services for several large projects for SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston. These projects include the Trident submarine C4I upgrade and SSGN conversion as well as C4I upgrade to support the armed forces in the War on Terror in the Middle East.

BC Engineering and Design (BCED) provided structural design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of a tower foundation. Most tower installations are ground-based and attached to concrete footings. Because this installation was to be installed on a steel platform, it provided a unique problem statement. BCED modeled the surrounding tower structure assembly with the tower foundation attached.

The tower reactions for down-force, uplift, and shear were applied to the model. By applying wind load reactions for the proposed tower, the overall stress and deflection of the platform and base was determined, predicting the safety factor for the installation.

BCED provided on-site survey support as part of the initial data-gathering effort for the design. BCED personnel provided engineering advice and input for both SPAWAR and government contractor personnel who traveled to the site.

BC Engineering and Design continues to provide unique solutions to engineering design problems. BC Engineering and Design was tasked to design a transportable platform base for an AN/USC-60A satellite dish and dome housing. However, the dome footprint was smaller than required to accommodate the horn assembly for the AN/USC-60A system.

BCED developed a design for an offset base which could be rotated to the desired intercept angle within minutes and the system realigned for operation. In addition, the pentagon-shaped base could be shipped in two pieces for quick reassembly on site at a remote location and meeting dimensional width requirements for over the road (OTR) DOT transport.

BCED conducted ship checks of several Trident class SSBNs to gather design data for a new security door.

The original door design was causing a conflict with the new C4I CSRR equipment upgrade modifications. In addition the passageway travel was further restricted for personnel access causing a safety issue.